The Problem

It’s past 1am and I should be sleeping. But I’m not. I set a mandate to overwork myself this week, and that’s just what I’m doing. I set a mandate to achieve a new goal everyday till the end of the week, and so far, I like how it’s shaping out. Even if it’s at […]

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Growing in Pain

I’m confused. My thoughts are of good and maybe they are distorted, but I’m tired of these updates and I’m wondering when they’ll stop. What keeps getting fixed, means that thing was broken. What keeps getting improved on, means that thing was never perfected. We have idolised the idea of being on our phones, simply […]

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For some days now, the conversation as to the difference between expectations and reality has been coming up randomly around me, and after a while, it was only right for it to start getting weird. The one thing that came to mind was, why are all these people comparing expectations and reality. It just seems […]

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My girl friends & I

For the longest time, I have lived with the mindset that who you are, is all you need for everything to just go your way. Oh! How wrong I have been. A lot of things come before you as a person, and character and reputation comes first one that list. What you have to offer […]

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Pain and Freedom.

​ I recently just found out that I only truly write when I’m sad.  I’ve been happy all this while,  and today – I am sad.  Apparently, you can’t win all the time. You can’t predict every scenario. Things won’t always go your way. Surprisingly, you’re not a robot. You will make mistakes. You will […]

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Let’s talk about Church

Do you think that the world started (or was created) 2017 years ago? Or that the world has been existing for billions of years now? Do you believe that God has been present in this world since the beginning of the world (billions of years ago)? Or God just came into this 2017 years ago? […]

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Take a break

It’s funny. The whole world, every surrounding, occupied with some level of human beings, is a lesson that you don’t already know, waiting to be learned. It’s everywhere. In the most uncomfortable situations, or in the most luxurious situations. Don’t just go to places to take pictures and add your location when you post it, […]

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Talk. Speak. Communicate.

This is turning out to be a relationship blog *rme* and I don’t like it. *grunts* *folds arms* Words. Speech. Sentences. Expressions. Silence. Action. Emotions. Pride. Ego. In my books, all of these, make a relationship. I saw a picture some time ago, it was a tweet that goes something like this “if Adam and […]

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You mature faster than me, I wasn’t ready. This is a line from one of the songs off Jay-Z’s 4:44 album. I think biologically and genetically, women develop faster than men, leaving a gap in most areas of maturity. There are so many people around that I can draw individual experiences from to talk about […]

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